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Talking to them · Discuss what's going on in their life · Respect their boundaries · Try to come up with some alternatives · Make time to be intimate in other ways. 1) Make her laugh: Laughter is the best medicine for most of the problems. If you laugh together, you both will be assured of being together in this problem. If. The problem he is having with the wife is that she doesn't want to do anything with her life. 1) The Lie: “I Im married and have 2 kids.

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You might offer as an option both see a marriage counselor who will get her around to discussing her reasons for not wanting intimacy. Another route might be. Your part: be sure she knows you love her unconditionally, using HER love language. If there are conflicts, take the initiative to start working through them. 20 Reasons Why a Wife Doesn't Want to Have Sex · Some are directly related to her man. · Some are related to the pressures and demands of family life. · Some could.

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No, you're not being at all unreasonable in craving intimacy from your relationship – but neither can you insist on it. Insisting will get you nowhere, because. Any spouse would want to provide the love and care for their care for sex with someone she isn't in contact with and doesn't know would. 5 Reasons Your Wife Doesn't Want Sex · 1. She doesn't feel connected to you. · 2. She doesn't feel sexy. · 3. Her sexual appetite is naturally not as strong as.