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The reimbursement rate for business travel in personal vehicles is cents per mile, effective for travel on or after January 1, Travel prior to. Mileage Reimbursement Policy. When employees need to use a vehicle to conduct university business, they have two transportation options. Effective July 1, Employees who are disabled and use their own personal adapted vehicle on State business, shall receive the current mileage reimbursement.

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Mileage is to be tracked on the District mileage form and turned in for reimbursement on a quarterly basis. The IRS sets the standard business mileage rate in. TO: Agency Travel Coordinators. FROM: Anthony Pascente, Chairman. DATE: January 3, SUBJECT: Mileage Reimbursement. Pursuant to 80 Ill. Admin. Listed below by calendar year are the mileage reimbursement rates for medical treatment appointments.

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Calendar Year Effective Jan. 1, A Mileage Reimbursement Rate of $ for CY is authorized for all state IRS announced its Federal. The business mileage reimbursement rate is an optional standard mileage rate used in the United States for purposes of computing the allowable business. The mileage rate chart shows the amount of money owed when driving over 15 miles (one-way) for treatment travel reimbursement with an authorized provider.