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Circle Lenses are special extra-wide cosmetic lenses which make the eye appear larger. Circle lenses are different from normal color lenses because normal. If you are looking for circle lenses, circle lens, colored contacts, big eye contacts, cosmectic contact lens, Barbie, Geo Medical, Princess Mimi Magic. I will be going to a convention soon and for a cosplay I would really like to wear circle lenses. I wear contacts lenses on a daily basis as I have se.

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Circle lenses are special cosmetic contact lenses that make the eye's iris appear larger, and in turn give the illusion of more attractive, youthful looking. You need to know this so when you order your lenses, you can select the right prescription for each eye. You also need to find out what your base curve is. . offers circle and contact color lenses, prescription lenses or non prescription lenses with fast shipping. We sell more than types of.

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KPOP2 sells various colored contacts, contact lenses brands worn by famous KPOP idols in South Korea. Worldwide shipping is available including USA, Canada. Colored Contact Lenses Prescription (12 Month) Galaxy Pink Eye Circle Lens. Regular price $ Sale price $ Prescription Power. Even, you are able to wear colored contacts for cosmetic purposes in variety of colors and effects, with our plano lenses(non-prescription)! If your eyes has.