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personal computer and sign up for your free Securus Online account today! www.slavina-ltd.ru Friends & Family. Telephone Service Guide. Instructions for inmates located at the Harris County Jail · The party receiving the calls should contact Securus at to obtain instructions on how. The Inmate Phone System is managed by Securus Technologies. An account is required. In order to receive calls from a correctional facility you.

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How To Use Securus Inmate Phone Service? · Advance Connect—you use the prepaid calling option that lets you manage how much you want to spend on inmate calls. SECURUS. Technologies. TM. Why was My Call Disconnected? Our phone system has some built-in Calls to your phone number from a correctional facility. The Clark County Detention Center's Inmate Phone System will transfer services from CenturyLink Telecommunications to Securus Telecommunications during the.

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The inmate phone services vendor has changed from GTL to Securus. Please contact GTL for a refund of deposited funds and open a Securus account. Just like our previous call platform, we provide you with a central system that empowers law enforcement and corrections to solve and prevent crime. Detainee Phone System. Securus Technology Phone Services. - module_ PageTitleModule moduleSmall. Rates. Hours for telephone use will be after.