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Our family craft specializes in affordable, custom and perfect upright headstones, memorials, cemetery flat markers, granite benches and more. All stones used as grave markers in Duck Run Natural Cemetery are native to the area. We offer a selection of stones for you to choose from when making the. Typically made of granite or bronze, a grave marker may be smaller than a headstone, but it still allows for personalization. Flush and bevel markers both sit.

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Grave markers (historically called headstones or tombstones) are permanent tributes to loved ones. Purchased separately from cemetery property. Depending on the location of a grave-site and the number of graves that have been purchased, families can select flat markers in granite or bronze or from. Some cemeteries require the grave marker to lie flat with the ground or that may be your personal preference. If a flat, or flush, marker is what you need then.

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When a body is buried in a cemetery, some form of marker—commonly referred to as a "headstone"—is often placed at the head of the grave to identify who is. Patten Monuments creates memorable custom cemetery markers to help remember your loved ones, in a unique way. Visit our gallery to see our work. Beesley Monument creates more than headstones. We also create pet markers for a beloved family pet. House markers that are both unique and lasting.